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Gay Teen Foodie Play From General Hospital Scribe Part of 'A La Carte: A Feast of New Plays'


What happens when a couple of strapping lads end up in steamy clinch, following a fight over a Food Network show? Popcorn, a short play from General Hospital writer Scott Sickles, covers this pubescent foodie terrain.

Here's the official synopsis:

Easygoing, late-teens Stan is flipping channels when studious, older Kip comes in with a bowl of popcorn. Kip needs to watch Nigella Lawson's cooking show for a school project. Stan makes fun of Kip for being "a Food Network fairy." This leads to fisticuffs, which is stopped by a sudden, great big kiss between the two. After the kiss is interrupted, the young men try to digest "what the hell just happened," exploring the flexible nature of teen sexuality, isolation, and the need to connect. The play examines social mores of sexuality, language and family, revealing the difference between a joking nudge and a slur, what it means to be straight or not, and how people can rely on each other during a confusing time when words, emotions, and hormones ricochet like popcorn.

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The work will be presented along with six other short plays  as part of A La Carte: A Feast of New Plays held April 9-May 2 at WorkShop Theater Company in New York City. Click here for more information.

Photo credit: WorkShop Theater Company