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Perkie's Observations: Ric Grills Michael in Court on General Hospital

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Ric accuses Michael of wanting revenge on Sonny for AJ's death. However, Michael claims he only wants his sister to be safe. Michael feels Avery will get in the crossfire of a mob war and accuses Sonny of being a murderer.

Ric, in turn, reminds Michael that he too is a murderer, but Michael tries to get the judge to understand the circumstances of Claudia's death.

Ric says Michael is no relation to Avery, since he's renounced Sonny as his father. Michael denies that, saying he didn't sever ties to his siblings.

Ric says Sonny risked his life to save Michael's and that Sonny is a true hero who would do anything for his children.

Nina's upset to hear that Franco's been faking and lying to her. Nina says she was free, but pretended to be sick so she could come back to him. Franco said he lied so he could be with her.

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Franco asks for forgiveness and the two kiss. Nina wonders how they'll get out.

Julian wants Carlos to answer for killing Ava. Carlos swears he was doing Luke's bidding. Carlos reminds Julian that Ava made him confess, then threatened Sabrina.

Carlos says with Luke out of the picture he can help Julian rebuild the organization and offers a truce.

Ava worries about Avery and watches as Carly talks to the press. Ava wants to leave to find Julian, to help keep Avery safe. She refuses to let Carly raise her daughter and bad mouth her.

Silas reminds Ava that she'll be arrested. Ava says she regrets what happened to Connie. Silas says he'll help her and won't turn her in.

Liz tells Jake that she has feelings for him. He's surprised to hear that he still has a chance with her. When the commissioner arrives, Liz warns that Jake isn't ready to be released.

Nikolas calls Liz and gives her an update on Spencer and she offers to come and keep him company but Nik refuses.

Commissioner Sloan tells Jake that he's being released because the charges have been dropped. Jake wonders what the catch is. Sloan tells him that he'll be going undercover in the Jerome organization.