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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Questions Sonny About Shooting Carly in the Head on General Hospital

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Alexis questions what Michael did in order to get Judge Walters on the stand, seeing as he's Monica's boyfriend. However, Michael denies any wrong doing.

Ric tries very hard to get a continuance until Judge Heller's return, but Judge Walters says he's capable of determining what is best for Avery.

Ric claims Michael has a personal grudge and didn't prove that Sonny is an unfit father. The Judge points out that Sonny does live a dangerous lifestyle and calls Sonny to the stand.

Olivia shares her pregnancy news with a shocked Dante, but tap dances around his question of who the baby's father is. Eventually Olivia admits that Ned is the father. Dante's happy as long as everyone is healthy.

Tracy wishes she were at the courthouse for Luke's arraignment, but ends up babysitting Danny with Ned. Tracy mentions another baby in the house. Ned spills the beans about Olivia.

Tracy says she was talking about Avery, that she overheard Monica talking to her boyfriend, who's now judging the custody. Ned feels it's poetic justice for Monica to help take Sonny's child away.

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Ava listens as Julian, Kiki, Silas, Morgan and Delia all say speeches about her.

Nikolas is about to tell Sam about Jake when he gets called to Spencer's room.

Sloan questions whether Jake's ready to be his informant in exchange for his freedom. Jake wonders how he'll explain that he's working for a mobster.

Liz is surprised to hear that Jake is being released and is happy that he can start living his life.

Alexis questions Sonny on the stand and brings up his shooting of Carly in the head while she was in labor with Morgan. Alexis also mentions how Morgan was sent away for his protection.

Sonny deflects those questions and promises he'll do better with Avery. Sonny feels Michael now has anger in his heart and wants to punish him, but that he'll always love him. Sonny begs Michael to drop the case for Avery's sake.

Judge Walters takes a break to decide the case as Carly remembers who he is.

Everyone leaves Ava's memorial, leaving Delia to watch over a sleeping Avery. Ava shows herself to her mother.