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Perkie's Observations: Ava Spies on Her Family on General Hospital

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Morgan tells Sonny about Ava's memorial at Delia's bar and asks permission to bring Avery. Sonny doesn't feel comfortable with the idea, but Morgan begs for Kiki's sake.

Ava continues to thank Silas for helping her and promises not to mess things up. Ava worries about Kiki and wishes she could let Kiki know that she's alive.

Alexis checks in with Nikolas and offers to come and sit with him, but Sam arrives instead. Nik tells Sam that Helena has been exiled, but Sam wants to know Jake's true identity.

Nik denies any knowledge until Sam mentions that she wished she had a chance to say goodbye to Jason and wouldn't want anyone else to go through the same thing.

Carly overhears Jake tell the officer that he won't accept Sloan's offer to drop the charges and insists on knowing why. Jake explains that Sloan wants him to go undercover in the Jerome organization.

Carly suggests hiring Diane to fight the charges, but Jake worries that if she loses, he'll lose his freedom.

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Kiki and Delia reminisce about Ava while preparing for her memorial service. Kiki calls Silas and asks if he's able to join them. Silas agrees. When he leaves the room, Ava sees Kiki's text that Avery will be at the memorial.

Kiki is happy when Silas gets to the memorial. He's surprised to see Avery since Ava deleted the text. Ava lurks outside.

Julian questions Michael's motives for custody, but Michael says he wants to provide Avery with a stable home.

Ric wants Michael to put a stop to the hearing and cut his losses. He feels Avery will resent Michael and reminds Michael that Sonny risked his life to save him. Something Ric and everyone conveniently forgets is that everyone's lives were in danger because of Sonny, but I digress.

Julian runs into Sonny and thanks him for saving Lucas, but warns that he'll be resuming his operations and that they'll be on opposite sides again.

Sonny claims he's out, that he's being a father. Julian sees through it and says Sonny will take the reins back once the custody issue is resolved. Sonny declares that he'll keep what's his and that includes his daughter and his organization.

Alexis tries to convince Michael to change his mind and says it's almost impossible for biological parents to lose custody and that Michael can't prove that Sonny is unfit.

Michael swears he's not dropping the case. As the hearing resumes, Judge Walters is the new judge, The happy smirk on Michael's face makes me think he had a hand in getting Grandma Monica's new boyfriend on the stand.