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Perkie's Observations: Is Luke Mike Tyson or Hannibal Lector on General Hospital?

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Carly realizes that Judge Walters is Monica's boyfriend and believes she helped get the judge onto the case. Ric confronts Michael, who denies any wrongdoing.

Sonny claims Avery doesn't deserve to be a pawn and that Michael won't get away with what he's doing.

Delia thinks she's having hallucinations until Ava convinces her that she isn't dead. When Silas finds Ava gone he heads back to the bar. Delia's angry that they let Kiki believe her mother is dead.

Silas reminds Ava that she's not only risking her life, but his too. She's also made Delia an accomplice as well. Ava says she had to see Avery and begs her mother not to tell anyone the truth.
Delia promises she won't spill the bean. Ava gets ready to leave with Avery.

Maxie's looking for Lulu, but finds Spinelli instead. She's angry that Spin mooching off Lante when he could be staying in a hotel. Spin explains that he's trying to help the Spencers locate Patricia. He tells Maxie that Lulu's at the hospital after an altercation at Luke's hearing.

Spin feels what they had was special and wants them to be a family. Maxie says she's with Nathan, but Spin asks about her feelings for him. The two kiss, which Nathan walks in on.

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Everyone explains what happened off-screen at Luke's hearing. Scotty gloated, calling Luke a rapist and murderer. Luke, lost his mind and bit off a part of Scotty's ear. Luke was sent to Shadybrook while Scotty was taken to the hospital.

Scotty complains about Luke. Bobbie tells him there's something seriously wrong with Luke. Scotty promises to be there for her.

Franco and Nina enjoy pretending to be crazy, but Franco reminds her that they need to convince everyone that they're sane enough to be released.

Franco overhears that Luke hurt Scotty and breaks his cover to ask Nathan about it. Nina quickly covers for him and reminds Franco that they can't let anyone know they're faking. Franco decides to have a word with Luke.

Ric confronts Judge Walters and accuses him of conflict of interest since he's involved with Monica. The judge points out Ric's relationship with Sonny and Alexis and says he's capable of making a decision.

Judge Walters awards custody to Michael, which angers Sonny. The judge asks where Avery is. Sonny lies and says she's at home. The judge orders her release to Michael.

Carly points out that Sonny lied to the court. Sonny swears he's not handing over his daughter.

Franco pays Luke a visit.