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Dr. Phil Stages An Ugly Intervention With Nick Gordon (PROMO)


As Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life, her estranged boyfriend is doing daytime television interviews. Nick Gordon, the young man the late Whitney Houston raised as a son and who later became involved with the pop star's daughter, sat down for an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw. The interview turned into an intervention, judging from the volatile nature of the promo. Check it out below.

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Gordon, seated next to his biological mother, yells out in the clip, "I miss Krissy and Whitney so much!"  He also expresses his rage towards Bobbi Kriss's father, Bobby Brown.

Bobbi Kristina was found nearly drowned in a bathtub on January 31 by Gordon and a friend. The scene was similar to how the young woman's mother died. Leolah Brown, Bobby's sister, denounced Gordon's Dr. Phil appearance on Facebook. She claims Gordon is under investigation for her niece's attempted murder.

Police in Roswell, Georgia, where Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown lived, confirmed to People they are investigating the circumstances surrounding her near drowning, but did not confirm if Gordon was a suspect.

Dr. Phil's exclusive with Nick Gordon airs Wednesday, March 11.