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Perkie’s Observations: Brad Wants Lucas’ “Tongue Depressor” on General Hospital

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Michael decides he's renaming the baby AJ Quartermaine. Kiki claims her mother wouldn't like that. Michael declares that he's stopping the cycle of violence and that Avery deserves a happy life. Morgan feels Michael is only doing this to hurt Sonny.

Sonny acknowledges that Michael found his weakness, but that he'll break him. Michael declares he can't be broken and that Avery will be raised in the Quartermaine house. After Michael leaves, Morgan insists they stay together as a family and the foursome play a game together.

Lulu tells Tracy that Luke had help escaping from Shadybrook. Tracy wonders where Luke would go and worries that she doesn't know what he's capable of anymore.

Dante gives Spinelli an update on Luke's escape. Spin talks him into telling Nathan.

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Brad and Lucas share quality time at work and continue to declare their love to each other.

Nathan and Maxie enjoy a meal together and make plans for sexy times. Nathan gets the call from Dante about Nina being involved in the escape and leaves. Spinelli shows up, acting surprised that Nathan isn't there.

The Shadybrook guard tells Nina and Franco that they are suspects in Luke's escape. Franco continues to pretend that he's crazy. Franco apologizes to Nina for trusting Luke. The two kiss.
Nathan asks Nina if she helped Luke out of the restraints. Franco covers for Nina and says he did it and spins a crazy tale. Nina swears she has no idea where Luke went.

Lulu tells Olivia that she knows about the pregnancy and is thrilled that the baby and Rocco will grow up together. Olivia is grateful for the support.

Felicia calls Maxie to let her know that she's at the ER with Georgie. Lucas tells them that Georgie has the flu and that they'll keep her overnight for observation. When Nathan gets to the hospital, he finds the Spixie family together.

Tracy's happy when Michael gets home with Avery. Michael tells her that he'll be calling the baby AJ, which Tracy feels would make Allan happy. Tracy helps with the baby, which Michael is grateful for. Tracy promises they'll figure it out together because Quartermaines fight but stick together.