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Perkie's Observations: Spinelli is on the Stone Cold Case on General Hospital

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Sabrina pays Michael a visit as he's juggling parenting and work. Sabrina's thrilled to hold Avery. When Sabrina mentions she's looking for work, while waiting for the clinic to be built, Michael asks her to consider being Avery's nanny.

Sonny's not happy to hear that Carly is going to pay Jake a visit. Carly says Jake was there for her and he's a good friend. Ric stops by and complains to Sonny about Jake's hold on Liz. He worries that he pushed her closer to Jake.

Ric tells Sonny that he's filing an appeal and wants to charge the judge with judicial misconduct.
Ric promises that he'll get Avery back. Sonny thanks him for stepping up. Ric tells Sonny that he needs to be seen as a fine upstanding citizen.

Patrick's ready to discharge Jake, but warns him to stay away from Sam. Liz is surprised to hear Jake had a vision of him with Sam. Liz says Jake is a good person. Patrick warns her to be careful.

Carly and Jake discuss him working for Julian to get out of a prison sentence. Carly thinks Sam can put in a good word to Julian for him.

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Spinelli and Sam have a reunion and discuss their respective love lives. Spin's happy that Sam has moved on from Jason with Patrick.

Lulu questions Maxie about her feelings for Spinelli, but Maxie feels Spin is different now, more pushy.

Nathan complains to Dante about getting between Spixie and how he should bow out. Dante tells him not to let Maxie get away if he loves her.

Jordan warns Anna that a showdown is coming between Julian and Duke and that they need to move right now to avoid an all-out war.

Duke catches Julian using his docks to bring in a shipment and tells him to unload somewhere else. Julian wants them to share the territory, but Duke refuses. A gunfight ensues and Anna arrives to put a stop to things.

Duke claims it's a local dispute and not Anna's concern. Anna says Julian's bringing in product from Canada which could be considered international trafficking. She asks Julian if he wants to press charges against Duke but Julian refuses.

Nathan tells Maxie that he's not giving up on her because he loves her.

Spinelli spots Jake from behind and thinks he's Jason.