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Kin Shriner Reacts to Luke Going Biting Off Scotty’s Ear on General Hospital

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Luke (Anthony Geary) and Scotty (Kin Shriner) have been going toe-to-toe with one another for decades on General Hospital. Their rivalry recently took a twisted turn when Luke pulled a Mike Tyson and bit off a portion of Scotty’s ear.

So what did Kin Shriner portrayer think of the latest development? TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logancaught up with Shriner and asked about the scenes.

So how is this going to work? Will Scott's ear be maimed for life or will this problem be like Maxie's heart-transplant scar—gone by next Tuesday?

That's what I was wondering at first. Is this like Stephen Nichols who went all those years on Days of Our Lives with a patch on his eye? I mean, if they're gonna do that, why didn't they have Luke bite off Scott's nose and then he could have a metal one like Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou? I love that movie! But, then it turns out that Bobbie grabbed Scott's ear when it went flying so that it could be sewn back on. For a while I'm doing scenes with a big bandage that looks like I have a cauliflower attached to my head. But you know actors. By the third show you're like, "Uh, could we just lose this thing? It's kind of distracting." So the bandages get smaller and we move on. But I love it. I'm a good sport. Whatever they cook up, I'll take it. Cut off my ear, shave my head, poke my eye out like the Three Stooges. I don't care.

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