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Brad Bell Talks Maya’s Shocking Storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful


The Bold and the Beautiful executive producer Brad Bell is talking about the show’s jaw dropping revelation that Maya (Karla Mosley) is transgender.

He told The Wrap.

“The transgender story we are telling on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is important because it is about tolerance,“ Bell, executive producer and head writer on the show, said. “It is about people respecting other people’s differences and their uniqueness. In the end, we all want to be loved and in order to love someone else you first have to love yourself. If you are transgender, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. It’s about finding love in life. This is a love story.”

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The shocking twist caused a frenzy on social media at the end of Wednesday’s episode.

Read the full story at The Wrap, including Angelica McDaniel’s thoughts on the storyline.