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Nip/Tuck: Maya Is Really [SPOILER] on The Bold and the Beautiful

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A creative earthquake shook Los Angeles and The Bold and the Beautiful to their core on Thursday. The CBS soap revealed supermodel Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) was actually once a man named Myron!

Maya's younger sister Nicole (Reign Edwards) revealed the shocking news. Nicole refused to be thrown out of the Forrester mansion and confronted Maya about her big secret.

Following days of squabbling and veiled blackmail threats, Nicole told Maya she'd uncovered proof Maya had been born her older brother, not her sister. The epic episode—beautifully acted by Mosley and Edwards—ended with both women in tears, as they faced the truth about their family.

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For years we've complained on the Daytime Confidential podcast that The Bold and the Beautiful—a soap set in the fashion industry–featured hardly any LGBT characters. With this plot twist, Brad Bell has addressed his show's diversity issues and transformed Maya into oh-so-much more than The Black Erica Kane.

Fans were left with more questions than answers. Will Nicole use her sister's secret to secure her spot in the Forrester manse? How will this impact Maya and Rick's (Jacob Young) relationship? What about Maya's dead baby? 

What did you think of The Bold and the Beautiful's revelation?