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Perkie's Observations: Jake and Elizabeth Kiss on General Hospital

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Rosalie updates Nikolas on what's happening with ELQ while pretending to be innocent with Michael. She eavesdrops when Tracy arrives and tells Michael that Skye gave her 16 percent of ELQ stock to Luke. Tracy worries that the shares are now in the hands of the Cassadines.

Kiki confronts Sabrina about being Avery's nanny and calls her a psycho. Sabrina admits to wanting to hurt Ava, but swears she's better now and would never hurt Avery. Morgan diffuses the situation before Sabrina leaves.

Morgan feels they need to stick to their plan and not be distracted by Sabrina. He decides they should switch Michael's medication so that he reacts badly to any alcohol and they can save Avery.

Maxie updates Lulu on her feelings for both Nathan and Spinelli. She reveals she's like her mother, forced to choose between two men that she loves. Lulu tells her to search her heart and make a decision.

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Nathan warns Spinelli to leave Port Charles. Sonny interrupts, but Nathan's not interested. He claims Spin is interfering and needs to give Maxie room to make her decision. Spin challenges Nathan to a boxing match, winner gets Maxie's heart while the loser bows out gracefully.

Anna asks Olivia about Duke's dealings at the Metro Court since he's taken over for Sonny. Olivia tells her that Duke has a standing reservation for tea. Anna believes those tea visits are cash drops, which angers Olivia. Anna says she's trying to build a case against Duke, despite her feelings for him.

Jake tries to reassure Liz when she tells him that Cam may have started the fire. Jake tells her that he knows she and Ric broke up. Liz admits she ended it because she has feelings for Jake. The two kiss.

Spencer rants that Cameron started the fire that has left him disfigured. Nik claims it was an accident, but Spencer still wants Cameron arrested.

Tracy updates Lulu that she knows where Patricia Spencer is.

Rosalie tells Nik about Skye's shares, but Nik says no one can trace any of that back to him. Sabrina overhears Rosalie call him her boss and mentions it to Michael.