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Perkie's Observations: Spinelli and Nathan Throw Punches on General Hospital

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Ava questions whether the chemo is doing its job. Silas admits that she's getting worse instead of better. Silas wants her to try a second round, but Ava refuses. Ava wants Silas to end things for her.

Alexis discusses Nina's hearing with her, while Scotty discusses Franco's with him. Alexis tells Nina she needs to show the judge that she's not crazy otherwise she'll spend forever at Shadybrook.

Scotty tells Franco that his hearing is tomorrow. Franco admits that he's been faking the crazy. Scotty says he can't help Franco. He suggests Franco should continue to pretend so he can stay at Shadybrook.

Nina admits that it's all been an act so she could stay with Franco. Alexis tells her to stop pretending, if she ever wants to get out. Franco tells Nina to get out and live her life without him.

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Jake admits he's had feelings for Liz since almost from the first moment. The two decide to have a little date as a precursor to more. Jake feels his future is with Liz.

Dante updates Nathan that Luke used one of his aliases in Zurich and reveals the WSB is on the case. Nathan tells Dante about his boxing match with Spinelli. Dante points out that Maxie isn't a prize and to call it off, but Nathan's determined.

Lulu and Tracy knock on Patricia's Spencer's door and are surprised to meet her daughter Valerie. Valerie tells them that her mother has died and that she can't help them. Luke with a gun stands hidden behind her.

Maxie runs into Dante, who accidentally spills the beans about the boxing match. Spinelli and Nathan go several rounds before Nathan knocks down Spin, as Maxie arrives.

A woman arrives at Liz's door, claiming to be Jake's wife.