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5 Articles That Prove Bold & Beautiful's Transgender Story Is Taking Over Pop Culture


Daytime soap operas have a long and storied history of using fictional moments of television melodrama to address real-life issues. Agnes Nixon tackled race/class struggles, war, abortion, coming out and more on her soaps One Life to Life and All My Children. The late Bill Bell explored elder abuse, homelessness, AIDS and countless other topics on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful

 Brad Bell is following in his father's footsteps with B&B's powerful, new transgender storyline. Last Wednesday, the CBS sudser revealed female fashion model Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) was born a man. 

The shocking reveal has dominated the pop culture watercooler ever since. Below are five articles that prove Bell has changed the game with his bold, beautiful plot twist.

The Bold and the Beautiful Star on How Transgender Twist 'Connects Dots' 

In this interview with TVLine,  Mosley shared how Maya being transgender explains some of  the character's rash relationship moves in the past. Said the actress:

 "This information about Maya really connects dots for me. The reasons that she has spontaneously let Caroline win in the past or decided so quickly to marry Carter and then decided so quickly to completely screw up that relationship, I think it all has to do with her fear that Rick is going to reject her when he finds out the truth. And her fear of having to disclose — because I don’t think that she’s ever been in a relationship like this… I think in all of her past relationships, people have known already. Or it was something that wasn’t gonna last. So she suddenly found herself in this relationship that could possibly last with a man with whom she’s been very honest. Other than this, Maya is honest to a fault. She’s just terrified, on some level."  

CBS' Bold and The Beautiful Unveils Transgender Twist

 Mosley told Entertainment Tonight, "This is the kind of opportunity that I've prayed for."  Watch the video below. 

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Exclusive: The Bold and the Beautiful Actress Opens Up About the Soap's Groundbreaking Transgender Twist

In an interview with Us Weekly, Mosley admitted she's prepared for the best and the worst fan reaction to the controversial arc. 

Said the actress:

  "I am very engaged on social media and I'm prepared to continue to engage with people," she said. "I think that boycotts are possible, but I also think there's a possibility of really being embraced by some audiences that might not have been watching."

Bold, Beautiful—and Transgender: A Daytime Soap's Radical Twist

This item from The Daily Beast compared and contrasted B&B's storyline with gender bending plots from movies Soap Dish and Tootsie. The essayist pointed out that this time around the subject isn't being played for laughs. Here's an excerpt:

  This time—in the era of respected pop-cultural trans totems like Transparent and Laverne Cox, and a greater awareness of trans issues—it was played for real, rather than laughs, or as a mocking punchline.  

The Bold and the Beautiful Debuts Transgender Character

Even the late Andrew Breibart's conservative blog,, got in on the action, with a blogger stating:

While transgender people may make up only a small portion of the population, they are becoming more heavily represented in TV and film. 

Sound off with your opinions on The Bold and the Beautiful's transgender storyline and its media impact in the comments!