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Greg Rikaart Vows Vengeance After Y&R Costars Toilet Paper His Dressing Room


Who says soap opera sets are all ripe with backstage drama, egos and infighting. Okay, so we do, but they can also be a lot of fun! Like when a pair of frisky suds stars toilet paper their costar's dressing room. 

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) tweeted a vow to seek vengeance on Hunter King (Summer) and Lachlan Buchanan (Kyle) for wrecking his on set feng shui earlier today. How can Rikaart be so sure those two are the guilty party? Doesn't he watch his own storyline? This could be another Genoa City whodunit! 

Like everyone else in Genoa City, I blame Sharon (Sharon Case). See the original tweet and the pic below.

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Photo of Greg Rikaart by PR Photos