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Perkie's Observations: Ric is Behind Hayden's Meddling on General Hospital


Jake says he can't remember having a wife and Liz wonders if Hayden is making it all up. Jake wonders why someone would want to cause trouble. Liz thinks maybe Hayden is unwell and wants to claim Jake as her own. Liz admits she doesn't want it to be true. Jake says he only has feelings for Liz and the two kiss.

Hayden meets with Ric and updates him. Ric gives her a partial payment and tells her he'll pay her the rest once Liz breaks up with Jake. Hayden tells him that Liz wanted proof, which Ric provides her.

Julian tells Alexis about his run in with Olivia and the questions he still has about the baby's paternity. Sam and Patrick arrive as Julexis are getting hot and heavy on the couch. Both mother and daughter are embarrassed. Later, Patrick asks Sam to move in with him while Julian does the same to Alexis.

Ned wonders if Julian still has suspicions about the paternity. Olivia doesn't like lying, but feels she needs to protect her baby from Julian's lifestyle. She questions whether Ned is prepared to continue the lie forever. Ned tells her the Quartermaines are ready to accept Olivia and the baby.

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Valerie claims the noise Tracy heard was her cat and quickly gets rid of them. When Luke comes out of hiding, Valerie demands he leave, but he wants answers about his sister first. Luke wants to see a death certificate and is willing to wait for the truth.

Tracy complains to Lulu about Valerie's behavior and wonders why she was so eager to get rid of them. Tracy wonders what Valerie had to hide.

Sam is unsure about moving in with Patrick and asks about Emma. Patrick assures her that Emma likes her, but Sam says it would be strange to move into Robin's house. Sam asks for time to think about the decision.

Julian says Molly can move into the penthouse with Alexis, but she doesn't think Molly would agree to that. Alexis also doesn't want Molly moving in with Ric so they put that decision on hold as well.

Jake wants to be with Liz, but she tells him that if Hayden has proof of their marriage than what they have is over.