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Wishful Storytelling: Why Guiding Light Deserves a Limited-Run Event Series Return Like The X-Files

Fans of televised supernatural thrillers are ecstatic about Fox's decision to bring back The X-Files as a limited-run event series. Who can blame them? 

Let's face it, we can never get enough of our favorite TV shows, right? Okay, excluding that awful Melrose Place reboot from a few years ago.  

If comedies like Arrested Development, Cougar Town and Community can return, not to mention primetime dramas like Hawaii Five-0 and Dallas, who says a daytime soap can't successfully arise from the ashes? 

Granted, attempts to return All My Children and One Life to Live to the airwaves didn't prove successful. However, failed Charlie's Angels and Knight Rider updates certainly didn't stop Hollywood for salivating over TV reboots in primetime, on cable and via streaming platforms. 


Procter and Gamble should team up with a digital distributor like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu to do 13 one-hour, primetime style episodes revisiting iconic soap opera Guiding Light. As with most daytime serials, Guiding Light wrapped in "Kumbaya" fashion back in 2009. 

Love may one day save the world, but it will never make the Spauldings, Lewises, Bauers and Coopers live in peace and tranquility in Springfield. I want a splashy, 12-part miniseries catching us up on characters from the world's most prolific sudser.

Just how long does Bill Lewis (Daniel Cosgrove) think he and wife Lizzie Spaulding Lewis (Emme Rylan) can coexist as co-CEOs of the merged Spaulding and Lewis family empires? I bet Lizzie's Uncle Alan-Michael (Rick Hearst), a chip off the old block, is setting up a dummy corporation to buy up controlling interest in Spaulding-Lewis as I type!


 Bill and Lizzie call in Harley Davidson Cooper (Beth Ehlers), who now runs a high-powered Manhattan agency specializing in corporate espionage and forensics accounting, to help flush out the mystery raider. Hey, a girl finally put all those years of being married to rich Midwestern men to good use!


Coming back to Springfield forces Harley to deal with her ex-husband Phillip (Grant Aleksander), now artist-in-residence at Springfield University. Harley has kept their son, Zach (Wishful Casting: Drew Garrett), from the Spauldings for most of his life. 

Now of age, Zach is determined to go to work for Spaulding-Lewis, much to Harley and Phillip's dismay. Zach, who has grown up upper middle class, faces off with spoiled, mega-rich half-brother James (Zack Conroy). 

Like James before him, Zach is starting off in the mail room at SL. James is now a junior marketing veep. Big sister Lizzie serves as both mentor and referee to the hotheaded young men.

The Spaulding boys come to blows over shy, well-read SL intern Maureen "Mo" Reardon (Wishful Casting: Lexi Ainsworth),  youngest daughter of Vanessa Spaulding (Maeve Kinkead). Think One Tree Hill's Scott brothers battling over stock prices and a cerebral debutante, as opposed to jump shots and artsy cheerleaders!

Phillip's ice queen wife Beth Raines Spaulding (Beth Chamberlain) isn't happy to see Harley back in town. She knows this woman and her husband have unresolved issues that go deeper than sharing a son. 

Things are heating up for Beth on the career front. Springfield's D.A. is considering a run for state's attorney. However, allegations she looks the other way from illicit activities at Spaulding-Lewis may force Beth to finally launch an investigation into the company her children work for.

Phillip and Beth's best friends, Rick (Michael O'Leary) and Mindy Lewis Bauer (Krista Tesreau) have the most solid marriage in town. Rick is chief of staff at Cedars, with his sister Michelle Bauer Santos (Bethany Joy Lenz) as chief of surgery.  

Mindy is planning to sell her fashion house, Melinda Lewis Fashions, to Spaulding-Lewis. Bill and Lizzie are offering millions of dollars. She'll stay on as the company's creative director and won't have to deal with all the budgetary and administrative headaches.  


Rick isn't so sure his wife should sell out. What if she ends up losing control of the business she loves? Mindy is certain that won't happen. Rick wishes he could be as optimistic as Mindy, but his gut tells him selling is a bad idea.

Nick McHenry Spaulding (Vincent Irizarry) shocks his ex-wife when the call comes for questions during the press conference announcing the sell of MLF to Spaulding-Lewis. Mindy is too stunned by Nick's appearance to even answer his public inquiry as to why she's giving control of her dreams to the Spauldings.

Like Rick, Nick hopes to stop Mindy from selling her company to Spaulding-Lewis. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is back in town to investigate claims Spaulding-Lewis is funding terror cells throughout the world. 

Alex (Marj Dusay) is thrilled her son is back in town. At the same time, she's desperate to know what he's up to. 

Alex is determined to ensure history does not repeat itself where Nick and Mindy are concerned. She places a call to an old friend on the board of John Hopkins. She instructs him to offer Rick Bauer his dream job.

Nick can't let Mindy know the subject of his investigation, even though he wants nothing more than to stop her from aligning herself with Spaulding-Lewis. He teams up with Fletcher and Holly (Maureen Garrett) to get to the truth.  

Holly is the dean of the School of Journalism at Springfield U. and Fletcher's (Jay Hammer) boss. Her husband, Ed Bauer (Peter Simon), runs the medical school and serves as chairman of the board at Cedars.

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 Holly's grandsons, Jason and Kevin Marler (Wishful Casting: Rob Gorrie in a dual role), are both undergrads at the University. Jason is majoring in digital media and minoring in party drugs. The late Roger Thorpe's grandson is the biggest supplier of Molly on campus! 

Good seed Kevin is pre-law. He wants to be like his late father, Ross. Kev is determined to save his twin brother from himself.  He finds an ally in premed student Leah Bauer (Wishful Casting: Zendaya), who loves Jason despite his self-destructive ways. 

The twins' sister, Clarissa (Wishful Casting: Kelley Missal), is obsessed with getting Jude Bauer (Wishful Casting: Eddie Alderson), son of Harley and Rick, to deflower her. Unfortunately for Blake's (Liz Keifer) daughter, a closeted Jude only has eyes for Clarissa's brother Kevin.

Alan-Michael has a ready accomplice in his bid to reclaim Spaulding — his Aunt Alex. The Baroness promises her journalism professor hubby Fletcher she's happy to be retired from corporate malfeasance. In truth, she secretly seethes at the thought of a Lewis making key decisions at the company Brandon Spaulding built.

Alex isn't the only Springfield senior citizen whom AM is coaxing into helping break up the companies. Billy Lewis (Jordan Clarke) may adore his son and daughter-in-law, but no way in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks is the Oklahoma good ole' boy happy about the Spaulding name coming first on the letterhead.


As for Josh (Robert Newman) and Reva (Kim Zimmer), Springfield's star-crossed lovers have been living in wedded bliss for six years. All of that changes when royal-turned-terrorist Edmund Winslow (David Andrew MacDonald) kidnaps Reva's son, Colin! 

Edmund is trying to flush out Reva's presumed dead husband, Jeffrey O'Neil (Bradley Cole). Jeffrey is working with the C.I.A. to take Edmund down once and for all. How will the Slut of Springfield react when she learns Bud has known her hubby was alive all this time?

Edmund and Jeffrey won't be the only complications for Josh and Reva. Fire-cat eldest daughter Marah Lewis (Laura Bell Bundy) is smarting after Josh refuses to bankroll her line of couture purses and accessories. 

Josh reminds Marah she's had one get-richer-quick scheme after another. Besides, her cousin Mindy offered her a plum junior designer position at Melinda Lewis Fashions.

Every bit the rebel her mother was at the same age, Marah has no plans to be anyone's apprentice. She finds a kindred spirit—and a willing bed mate—in Alan-Michael. 

Little does Marah know, AM is primarily interested in her Spaulding-Lewis shares! Imagine the looks on the faces of the townsfolk when AM shows up with his new bride (clad in a red, white and blue bikini) at the annual Bauer Fourth of July picnic! Who needs fireworks?

Shane Lewis (Jeff Branson) isn't about to stand by and watch Alan-Michael Spaulding hurt his sister. His cop wife Marina (Mandy Bruno) begs Shane not to do anything foolish. Of course this doesn't stop him from punching AM and threatening to kill him in front of dozens of witnesses at the picnic. 

Marina watches on as her dad, Springfield Chief of Police Frank Cooper, (Frank Dicopolous) has to arrest her husband. Frank's wife, Blake, makes mental notes of the drama. It will all be fodder for her next Amazon Best Seller, a thinly-veiled pot boiler about the denizens of Springfield.

Blake really should be paying more attention to her children. Jason and his friends are spiking their punch with sizzurp right under the adults' noses. Meanwhile, Clarissa is giving a reluctant Jude a blow job in the pool house. No, this ain't your big mama's Guiding Light!

Marina decides to let a hotheaded Shane cool off with a night in jail for punching AM. She doesn't count on Dinah (Gina Tognoni) showing up to bail him out. 

Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) finds herself drawn into the battle for Spaulding-Lewis, much to her wife Natalia's (Jessica Leccia) chagrin.  Natalia is happy running a nice bed and breakfast catering to the LGBT community with Liv on the outskirts of Springfield. She has no desire to get mixed up with the Spauldings again, even though they both have children who own shares in the conglomerate. 

Olivia insists they have to be involved in what's going on at Spaulding-Lewis for the sake of Rafe and Emma. Natalia feels their kids will be fine without the Spauldings or their dirty money. 

Ms. Rivera finds a shoulder to cry on (and possibly more) when a newly out-and-proud Gilly Grant (Amelia Marshall) relocates her online media empire to Springfield. When Liv isn't able to resist AM's offer to return to a life of corporate raiding and executive intrigue, could it spell the end for Otalia? 

It turns out Natalia was right about not trusting AM. When Alan's son manages to double cross Olivia, Billy, Marah, Bill, Lizzie and even Aunt Alex, he's stabbed by a mystery assailant in his hotel room. 

Alex is quick to point out Shane threatened to kill AM in front of everyone at the Bauer picnic. Frank searches his son-in-law's gym bag and finds the bloody knife.  Shane is arrested and charged with attempted murder!

Dinah, once again comes to Shane's rescue. She gets Danny Santos to hook her up with some Fifth Street gang members, who assist her in staging a prison break. 

Dinah tells Shane they have to leave the country. He's determined to stay in Springfield and prove his innocence. Dinah agrees to help him at all cost. 

A devastated Marina is trying not to believe the worst about her husband. He can't be an attempted murderer, can he? 

Her pity party on the couch is interrupted by a knock on the door. On the other side is A.C. Mallet (Robert Bogue). Back with the Feds, Mallet drys Marina's tears and promises to help her find out the truth — and track down Dinah and Shane. 


Civil unrest and terroristic threats (financed by Edmund, not Spaulding-Lewis) in the tiny island nation of San Cristobel lead to beautiful diplomat Kat Speakes (Nia Long) paying a visit to the nightclub Jonathan Randall (Tom Pelphrey) runs with Danny Santos (Paul Anthony Stewart). Kat informs Jonathan the people want to reinstate the monarchy.

"The citizens of San Cristobel are crying out for Prince Richard's son to return to reclaim his throne," the alluring Kat challenges. "The question is, is their prince ready to stop serving drinks and start serving his subjects?"

 Which daytime soap would you like to see return? How would you write it? Sound off in the comments!