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Perkie's Observations: Patrick Invites Sam to Move in On General Hospital

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Carly arrives at Elizabeth's door, expecting details about her reunion with Jake. She is shocked when Liz tells her about Hayden. Carly doesn't buy it, but Liz tells her that they have to assume that Hayden is telling the truth. Carly feels Jake is easy prey and demands that they go to the Metro Court to see Hayden.

Ric gives Hayden more proof, including photos taken of Hayden and a fake Jake. Ric hides, then sneaks out, when Jake arrives to see the proof. Jake spots the wedding ring in the photos and questions why he wasn't wearing one when he was hit by the car. Hayden tells him that he threw it at her during their fight and fishes it out and gives it back to him.

Patrick asks Sam again to move in with him, but Sam turns him down again. After the two make love, Sam notices her ring on the dresser. She remembers Jake mentioning one ring.

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Nina arrives at the courthouse for her hearing and is thrilled to have Nathan there to support her. Nathan tells her about his breakup with Maxie. Franco arrives for his hearing. Nina tells him she admitted to Alexis that she was faking her breakdown. Nina gets upset when Franco explains that he told Scotty he was faking as well.

Ric meets with Molly, who demands to know how his online dating went. Ric admits that he saw someone, who turned out to be married. Molly promises that the right woman is out there for him.

Spinelli runs into Maxie, who's angry with him for challenging Nathan to the duel and acting like she is a prize and not a person. Spin swears he did for the right reasons and hopes he hasn't blown his chances with her. Maxie leaves.

Alexis tells the Judge that Nina has made a full recovery. The judge mentions the breakdown the last time Nina was at the courthouse. Alexis admits that Nina was faking.

Hayden puts the ring on Jake's finger and kisses him as Carly and Liz walk in.