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Perkie's Observations: Nina and Franco Go Free on General Hospital


Ric warns Fake Jake that they can't be seen together, but Mr. Fake wants more money since he's figured out that Ric is creating identity fraud. Ric offers 10 thousand more and warns Mr. Fake to disappear.

Carly demands answers from Hayden, who's quick to show that the wedding ring fits Jake's finger. Carly asks for fingerprints or DNA. Hayden gives them Jake's medical records. Liz reads the records and notices that they match Jake's brain surgery scans. Hayden has an explanation for that as well and Liz storms out.

At Franco's trial, Scotty takes the stand and tells the court that Franco has been faking the crazy. Franco's upset with Scotty, until he points out that Franco's lawyer will be able to find a reason for all of what Franco's been accused of. Scott as the DA will have no choice but to drop the charges against him.

At Nina's trial, Alexis explains to the judge that Nina has been faking because of her feelings for Franco. Nina's upset with Alexis and asks to be heard on the stand. She's about to bring out the crazy, when Franco arrives. Franco tells her that his charges are dropped and that he's free. Nina apologizes to the court and the judge declares her free to go.

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Luke continues to demand answers from Valerie. She claims her mother is dead. Eventually Valerie slips and admits that Aunt Pat is alive, but refuses to give Luke more information. Luke decides she's no longer of use to him. Valerie knocks Luke over and the two struggle for the gun.

Lulu gives Dante an update on the search for Aunt Patricia and how Tracy didn't believe Valerie's story. Dante wonders if Luke found Valerie before Lulu did and that he was the noise in the house. Lulu calls Valerie, but when she receives no answer the two head to Valerie's house.

Patrick and Sam discuss her wedding ring and what Jake might have meant. Danny comes in and they discuss Patrick's role in Danny's life.

Jake tells Liz that he doesn't feel anything for Hayden, the way that he does for her, and the two kiss. Liz tells him that he owes it to himself to find out exactly what he has with Hayden.

Carly warns Hayden that she'll find out exactly what's going on.

Lante break into Valerie's home and are shocked at what they find.