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DAYS' Drake Hogestyn on Paternity Plot Twist & New Reality: "I Need to Start Playing 'Dear Old Dad"


Is Salem U.S.A.'s answer to Jason Bourne ready to slip on a cardigan and a pair of comfy slippers? In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, Drake Hogestyn talks (SPOILER ALERT) John Black learning Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) is his son. 

Shortly after ordering the gay, ex-MLB player to leave town for his part in wrecking the marriage of John's step-grandson, Stefano's (Joe Mascolo) former Pawn learns he sired Paul with Tori (Hiro Ambrosina). Hogestyn tells Logan the affair happened around the time John was serving as a demon-vanquishing priest.  

Here's an excerpt:

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Is John upset with Paul's mom, Tori, for not 'fessing up?

She claims that she tried. In fact, she came back to Salem to tell John about the child but, by then, he was devoting his life to God. Remember when John was a paranormal priest and that led us into the exorcism story? Well, the writers are working with that time period. It doesn't really track if you start putting the pieces together but, hey, you can sit at home and resist it, or just go with it. The audience will accept it if the actors play the truth.  

Unlike many of his 80's and 90's era superstar soap peers, Hogestyn seems accepting of his new patriarchal reality at DAYS

So you're feeling good about this story?

I'm excited to roll up my sleeves and embrace a new side of John Black. My time as the Jason Bourne of Days is behind me and now I need to start playing "Dear Old Dad." My bible, while playing this role, has been The Bourne Identity. I keep a copy of it in my dressing room. In fact, it was in my briefcase right when they were telling me about Paul being John's son. I guess I can retire it now. This is a softer John Black and I welcome that. For a while there I was Robo John, Stefano's half-baked experiment, and then I was coming and going, disappearing off to Europe, and not having much to do. This gives me an opportunity to work on a regular basis and be a real part of Salem again. That's important to an actor, especially when you've been around the block like I have.  

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