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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital Celebrates 52nd Anniversary


In honor of the 52nd anniversary of General Hospital, Wednesday's episode went back in time to explain what happened to Luke Spencer.

Luke finds his way into the old house on Elm Street— that is still standing despite having been blown up by Luke's bomb not that long ago. While Luke relives what happened, Patricia explains to the others.

As Luke remembers it, Tim Spencer was an abusive drunk. One day, he supposedly hit his wife and knocked her out. Patricia took her to the hospital where she promptly died. Once he hears of his mother's death, Luke angrily hits his father in the head with a baseball bat, killing him. Bill Eckert shows up with Patricia and helps them hide the body in the basement. Luke forgets killing both of his parents.

Patricia, Bobbie and Tracy arrive to force Luke to remember the truth of the story. Turns out, while defending his mother from his father, Luke is the one who accidentally hit her in the head and killed her. Luke remembers Bill telling him as he lay dying, to forgive himself for that.

Kudos to Laura Wright for playing the part of Lena Spencer. Props to the casting department for picking Chloe Lanier as Young Patricia. Not only did she look like a younger version of Dee Wallace, she also channeled a little of Tamara Braun's Carly. Kudos to the set and make-up department in making Jason Thompson, Ryan Carnes and Becky Herbst look like the original Dr. Hardy, Dr. Brewer and Nurse Brewer.

Unfortunately, this episode doesn't explain why Luke was skirt chasing after Kiki for months, or why he wants Sonny's territory.