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Michelle Stafford on New NickMom Web Series: "Pretty Much My Daughter Humiliating Me"

Michelle Stafford

General Hospital spitfire Michelle Stafford is heading back to the web series world. 

The multiple Daytime Emmy winner wowed fans in 2014 with her side-splitting series, The Stafford Project. Now she's back, courtesy of Nickelodeon's NickMom website. Stafford, along with her precocious daughter, Natalia, 5, will star in Secret Mind of a Single Mom. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan talked with "The Staff" to get the skinny on her new online vehicle. 

So what goes on in Secret Mind of a Single Mom?

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It's a look into the minutiae of motherhood. Every episode is two minutes long and you'll be able to watch them all at once, like with Netflix. It's pretty much my daughter humiliating me. She's truly the smart one, which is what she is in life, and these are little vignettes of everyday stuff, like the mom and daughter getting into a fight about how a sandwich should or shouldn't be cut. One episode has the mom trying to get something going with this hot guy and the daughter, with just two comments, completely ends it. Like with The Stafford Project, I'm pretty much making fun of myself. As you know, self-deprecation is my friend. [Laughs] And sometimes my enemy.

Sounds like she has another winner on her hands! Now for a little GH tea. Now that Nina Clay, Stafford's alter ego, and her true love Franco (Roger Howarth) are out of the nuthouse, will these two make it as a couple? Keep reading for another excerpt from Logan's chat with the soap queen.

The Nina-Franco relationship is playing so well—sweet, funny, romantic—but is it the real thing? They can both turn on a dime, and on each other. Should the viewers invest in this thing? Because it seems about as solid as cotton candy.

Could they turn on each other? Sure. But, if they do, can't they remain in love with each other? Are they in love with each other? I'm not sure. In both their minds, they are the abused, the victims, and they want to get back at the people who did them wrong. They are two lost souls in a complex push and pull.