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The Price is Right Model Becomes Household Name After Accidentally Giving Away Car (VIDEO)

Manuela Arbelaez, Drew Carey and a Contestant

Manuela Arbelaez, Drew Carey and a Contestant

Manuela Arbelaez might not be cut out for game show modeling, but she's a whiz at creating viral videos! 

The Price is Right model is the talk of the social media watercooler after accidentally giving away a car on the CBS Daytime game show. 

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A contestant had three chances to guess the right price of a car. After she guessed wrong the first time with $19,849, Arbelaez goofed by removing the second placard, with the correct price listed at $21,960.

"I won it!" screamed the contestant. Host Drew Carey laughed hysterically and told the contestant she gets to keep the car. A mortified Arbelaez hid behind the game. The clip (seen below) has been viewed over 2.5 million times on You Tube.