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Perkie's Observations: Phantom of the Soap Opera on General Hospital

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Spencer's home and still dramatic as only he can be. Sonny stops by to give him a new boxing robe and an explanation on how he won't lose Emma since she likes the person inside. Ten year old Spencer decides he needs a commitment with Emma and wants to find a suitable ring. After Nikolas leaves, Spencer opens the safe and finds Jason's ring that Nik was hiding there.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he'll be staying in town with Hayden and working for Julian. He wants them to remain friends.

Ric wants Hayden's help in getting Liz back. Cameron arrives as Hayden's leaving and wants Ric's help in dealing with his legal woes with Spencer. Ric reassures him that it was an accident.

Patrick tells Emma that Sam and Danny are moving in. Emma's concerned to hear that Sam will be taking over Robin's side of the bed. Patrick reminds her that they are divorced. He admits he loves Sam and they'll make a happy family.

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Shawn confronts Julian regarding a shipment that was hijacked. Jake arrives in time to take out Shawn's goons and force Shawn to leave. Julian's impressed with Jake's skill set but despite that, asks Jake to simply run the garage.

Hayden searches out Liz and asks her to stay away from Jake, to allow their marriage to heal. She tells Liz to go back to Ric, which surprises Liz, but Hayden claims Jake told her about him. Liz acknowledges that Jake should make his marriage work. Hayden reminds her again to stay away.

Ric tells Liz about Cameron's visit and pushes again for them to get back together.

Shawn updates Sonny on Jake helping out Julian.

Liz explains to Nikolas that Jake has a wife.

Sam has car issues and ends up at the garage as Jake continues to have flashes of his life with her.