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GH's Tony Geary on Luke Post Fluke: "There Is No Going Back"

Anthony Geary

Anthony Geary

His alter ego married his rape victim, stopped the planet from being frozen solid, took down mobster Frank Smith and accidentally mowed down a grade schooler, all years before going psycho and terrorizing his family and friends for a year. What's left for Luke Spencer to do on ABC Daytime's General Hospital?

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, Anthony Geary revealed why he's glad Fluke didn't turn out to be Luke's slain identical cousin Bill Eckert.

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So back to Fluke almost being Bill Eckert…

Well, I was away from the show for several months, after my back surgery, and I assumed that when I got back we'd pick up with the Bill Eckert [reveal], especially after they dug up his grave and it was empty. But, by then, they had decided on a different plan. When I was called to Frank's office, he told me that this other personality had been Luke all the time, and I cheered! Not only did I love the idea but it meant that people like Tracy weren't being stupid. I mean, wouldn't she have known if she'd gone to bed with someone other than Luke? That was always bothering me but Jane's just so amazing. She's, like, "All right, we're on the Titanic. I'm just going to play this the best I can and f--k the lifeboats!" And she did. She managed to keep her character smart through the dumbest of actions but, thanks to this reveal, Fluke being Luke totally justifies Tracy's behavior. It really fixes a lot of things in retrospect. I've been racking my brain and can't think of a single thing that this doesn't explain.  

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Geary also shared his thoughts on if Luke can ever top the Fluke saga.

Any concerns that this Luke story can't be topped?

There is for me, absolutely. To have all these disparate pieces of my character come together in one script is pretty overwhelming. I feel like I've taken off all my clothes and have nothing left to shed. There's no going back. It will be an incredibly interesting challenge to go forward. There are so many ramifications here. In another couple of episodes, we find out why Luke went after Sonny Corinthos, for starters, and a lot of other truths will come spilling out now that Luke's mind has cracked open. I'll have my work cut out for me to balance all these balls in the air when I come back from this break. In the meantime, we will leave Luke going off to some kind of sanitarium for some kind of treatment. [Laughs] We can only hope that Heather Webber isn't the head nurse!