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Y&R's Sean Carrigan on Horny Hunk Stitch: "Apparently No Newman or Abbott Woman is Off Limits" (EXCLUSIVE)

Sean Carrigan

Sean Carrigan

Daytime Confidential: It's a grand soap opera tradition for hunks to screw their way through entire families. Michael E. Knight's character was christened "Tad the Cad" on All My Children after going from a frigid high schooler to her society maven mother. Eddie Cibrian got a mother and daughter pregnant as Sunset Beach's Cole. Now Stitch is caught in a budding quadrangle with Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), her daughter Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Ash's former stepdaughter/ex-sister-in-law Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle)! Should the Newman and Abbott men be coming after this guy with pitchforks?

Sean Carrigan: I'm not sure they should be coming after Stitch with pitchforks but maybe some baseball bats! Apparently no Newman or Abbott woman is off limits for him. It's TV so it makes for some good drama!

DC: Since Stitch and Victoria weren't technically together when he had shower sex with Ashley, will he use Ross Geller's (David Schwimmer) "We were on a break" line from Friends on Victoria?

SC: Definitely! Stitch feels it was a drunken mistake because he thought they "were on a break" and that Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and Victoria were back together. He sure didn't waste any time and he seems to find himself in situations where he has to explain himself. This could be a pattern.

DC: Victoria is usually a pretty smart cookie. Why on Earth would she have her hunky boyfriend go serve as 24-hour bodyguard to her nubile kid sister, especially when Abby was recently outed as a nephew-in-law-screwing home wrecker?

SC: I think she trusts Stitch but I also think there's a part of Victoria that still has curiosity about rekindling a future with Billy. Maybe with Stitch gone this will give her time to think about that.

DC: Viewers were shocked to learn Stitch knew about the slam documentary Austin (Matthew Atkinson) was doing on the Newmans and Abbotts. How did you react when you learned of the plot twist?

SC: I loved it because it gave me the opportunity to act as if maybe I was the killer! I'm very excited with the writing because it feels like they're giving us a lot of different ways to go with our characters.

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DC: How does Stitch justify not coming clean to Victoria immediately? 

SC: He doesn't want to get anyone else hurt or even killed, especially Abby or Victoria.

DC: Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and some of the other members of the Abbott Cabin Crew worry Stitch has a more vested interest in the mystery surrounding Austin's death, than simply keeping Abby safe. We already know this guy is good at keeping secrets. Could there be a reason he might have wanted Austin shut down permanently?

SC: There's always a possibility that he could have regretted telling Austin too much about the Newmans and the Abbotts. As we've started to see, Stitch obviously has a thing for these two powerful families.

DC: As if Stitch didn't have enough to contend with regarding the Newman/Abbott women, he just learned his sister Kelly (Cady McClain), who was obsessed with Ash's brother Jack (Peter Bergman), has supposedly died. Does Stitch feel guilty for not realizing how troubled his sibling was?

SC: He feels terribly guilty. He already feels all alone because his father is dead, his mother is God knows where, and his son and ex–wife are in Australia. Kelly was all he had left and he feels terrible that he didn't spend more time making sure she was okay.

DC: A life coach might advise Stitch and a presumed dead Kelly to keep as far away from Genoa City's warring families as humanly possible. What keeps them connected to these dysfunctional millionaires and all their drama?

SC: The Newmans and the Abbotts have a strong bond and a certain amount of pride that he's never experienced from his own family. It's very tempting to want to be a part of such a legacy. Let's face it, who wouldn't want to be a part of the Newman/Abbott drama?

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