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Perkie's Observations: Morgan and Kiki's Conspiracy Continues on General Hospital

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Sam finds Jake at the garage and the two discuss his new identity. Sam tells him about moving in with Patrick. Jake offers to drive her over on the motorcycle, while he fixes her car.

Morgan and Kiki cackle over their plan to destroy Michael. Morgan tells her that he knows about the problems at ELQ and that he has a plan to mess with Michael even more.

Michael complains to Sabrina about the Cassadines possibly taking over ELQ and how he needs to track down Helena. A reporter interrupts to ask Michael about the problems with ELQ, which angers Michael.

Ric and Hayden celebrate their plan. Hayden propositions Ric, and gets annoyed when he turns her down. Ric says he's all about Liz.

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Spencer takes the ring and heads over to the Drake house. Emma's happy to see him, but is surprised when Spencer pulls out the ring and declares that they belong to each other. Emma refuses the ring, since it doesn't belong to Spencer. Spencer gets angry, accusing Emma of hating him because of his injuries and throws the ring. It ends up under the couch.

Nikolas is shocked when Liz tells him about Hayden. Liz tells him about the proof Hayden had, including Jake's brain scans. She wonders why Nik is so bothered by the news. Nik thinks Hayden is looking for money and wants to speak with her.

Kiki and Morgan run into Michael and upset him by wanting to see Avery. Michael's upset to hear that the two are back together. He accuses Morgan of taking advantage of Kiki's grief. Kiki claims Morgan is the better brother.

Michael orders himself a scotch.

Sam arrives at Patrick's.

Nik pays Hayden a visit.