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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Confronts Hayden on General Hospital

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Tracy and Lulu sit by Luke's bedside and tell him the sad news that Patricia died of heart failure. Luke blames himself and then recounts how he pushed down the memory of killing his mother. Luke explains how he would take off when he felt those dark feelings return. Lulu is certain he can now heal.

Morgan and Kiki snuggle and kiss where Michael can see them.

Michael orders several drinks and denies that Morgan and Kiki kissing bothers him. Sabrina points out that they're trying to make him jealous then chooses to take Avery home.

Nikolas claims he knows Jake isn't Hayden's husband and warns that he'll have her arrested for fraud. Nikolas believes Helena hired Hayden and she plays along at first. Nikolas tells her that she needs to stop her ruse because it only aroused suspicions. Hayden admits that Helena didn't put her up to it but understands that Nikolas knows who Jake really is.

Ric gives Sonny an update on the custody hearing and tells him about Jake's new wife. Sonny mentions Jake's unusual skill set.

Julian questions Jake driving Sam home on the motorcycle. Jake assures him that he has no interest in Sam. Carlos arrives, annoyed that Jake is working for them. Jake eavesdrops as Julian demands to know why Carlos went behind his back and hijacked the Corinthos' shipment. He points out that it will bring unwanted attention to their planned hit.

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Patrick worries about Sam's safety when she mentions how she got home. Sam reassures him.

Valerie is angrily looking for Luke to hold him accountable for Patricia's death. Dante promises her that Luke is no longer dangerous. He commiserates with Valerie as she talks about her mom.

A drunk Michael confronts Morgan and Kiki while the reporter that Morgan hired, tapes the exchange. Michael tries to punch Morgan, but falls over then storms off


Kiki worries that they may have gone too far and that Michael may hurt himself or someone else. Morgan feels their plan went off as planned.

Sabrina runs into Sonny as she's leaving with Avery. Sonny asks for time with his daughter despite Sabrina's concerns. Michael arrives and yells at Sonny to stay away from Avery.

Valerie pays Luke a visit.