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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas and Hayden Hit the Sheets on General Hospital

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Michael stumbles off the elevator and angrily yells at Sonny to get away from the baby. Sonny's shocked that Michael is drunk. Michael grabs the stroller and knocks it over, but Sabrina rescues an uninjured Avery.

Kiki feels remorse over what they've done, but Morgan crows over a job well done. The reporter shows them the footage. Kiki gets angry that Avery could have been hurt. Morgan assures her that the baby is fine. He is certain this is what they need to get a judge on their side.

Valerie decides she wants to get justice for her mother and pulls a scalpel on Luke. Luke tells her how to make it look like suicide. Lante arrive in time to stop Valerie and Lulu begs for her father's life. Dante convinces Valerie to drop the scalpel.

Ric's looking for an answer from Liz, who tells him that she deserves better than all of his schemes. Ric admits that he wanted Jake out of the way. However, now that Hayden is here they can have their own life. Liz agrees to try again.

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Carly overhears part of Jake's call to Sloan. She questions whether Sonny is in danger, which Jakes denies. Carly tells him that Spin is investigating Hayden.

Hayden admits she's not Jake's wife, but realizes Nik has more to lose since he knows who Jake really is. The two have sex. Afterwards, Nik asks who put her up to the con, but Hayden refuses to tell.

At the mansion, Michael doesn't understand what happened and points out that he only had two drinks. Sabrina points out that he's been stressed. Michael worries that Sonny will tell his lawyer what happened.

Sonny and Olivia question whether Morgan and Kiki saw why Michael was drinking. Kiki suggests that it was because Michael saw them together. Sonny worries that he's never seen Michael like that.

Lulu complains to Luke about allowing Valerie to nearly kill him. She promises him that he'll get through this rough time. Luke doesn't want to spend his life in prison. Dante comforts Valerie.