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INTERVIEW: Bold & Beautiful's Reign Edwards on Nicole and Maya — "They're Both Survivors"


Karla Mosley, Reign Edwards

Reign Edwards has made a big impression in the short time she's been appearing on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. The actress portrays  Nicole Avant, a scheming ex-coed who is blackmailing her sister Maya (Karla Mosley) with a whopping secret — Maya is transgender.

 As Nicole, Edwards uttered one of the most memorable soap lines ever: "You're not my sister. Maya. You're not my sister at all. You're Myron; you're my brother."  I caught up with the soap newcomer at B&B's Daytime Emmy nomination celebration. Edwards shared her theories about Nicole's manipulative behavior, why the Avants hate their parents and whether Nicole will set her sights on Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor).

Daytime Confidential: Nicole’s sister Maya is transgender. Did you do any research before diving in to this storyline?

Reign Edwards: I went to Karla [Mosley] a lot. Karla is leading the ship on this and she’s done an extensive amount of research. I really applaud her for it. If I had any questions, I went to Karla. We had some meetings to make sure we know what’s going on. I did a little side research on my own to see what it’s like. I’m truly blessed to be part of such a great storyline.

DC: Nicole is a manipulative girl. Are we going to find out more about her agenda?

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RE: You’re going to see some more things coming up, but it’s kind of two-sided. She does have a genuine interest in getting to know her sister. At the same time, a trait that Maya and Nicole have in common is they’re both survivors. With the whole Rick and Caroline situation, she [Maya] was doing what’s best for her. It’s kind of like Nicole’s thing. Sometimes younger people don’t think about what [they're doing] really means for someone else. So she has a genuine interest, but she doesn’t want to go back home. She’s kind of being really messed up right now, but, you’ll see [why] as she continues to go on.

DC: Nicole is so mad that her sister left her with their parents. Were they abusive?

RE: They just really didn’t know how to love their children. That’s why Maya and Nicole are both the way that they are, in terms of [being] so hardcore to the point where they don’t really think about what happens to other people. Until this happened, we [didn’t see] the side of Maya where she actually has feelings.

DC: Carter and Nicole are now the two people who know Maya’s secret. Are the two of them going to team up? He’s a very handsome man.

RE: Lawrence is really great. I call him "The Law" because [he calls me] "Rain Dance", but you never know what will happen, so you’ve just got to keep watching. 

DC: What are your plans for the Emmys? Have you picked out your dress yet?

RE: No, I haven’t. I’m thinking about it. I’m trying to figure out what colors. It really hit me last night, like "Oh my gosh, I’m going to the Emmys for the first time." I don’t know what colors. I like black and gold. It’s so crazy, because usually if I plan colors, I usually go with something completely different. So I’m excited. I’m thinking about it.