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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Wants Maxie Back on General Hospital

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Nathan begs for one more chance with Maxie only to have Spinelli walk in. Maxie declares Spixie is back together. Nathan bows out again. Spin questions whether Maxie has unresolved feelings. Maxie reassures him that she's happy with the decision she made.

Lulu tells Luke that Diane is fighting to get him sent to Shadybrook, despite Luke's feelings that he deserves to be punished for his crimes. Lulu's still angry that Valerie tried to kill him.

Valerie's thankful to Dante for stopping her from killing Luke. Dante's ready to accept her as part of the family.

Felix stops by to talk to Sabrina about the incident with the stroller. Sabrina defends Michael, certain that he only had one drink but wonders again about the allergy medication. Felix offers to have Brad check out the medication.

Morgan and Kiki notice that Avery is gone and questions the woman from CPS. Morgan calls Dante and Nathan. Kiki's upset that their plan went awry, since Avery was safe with Michael.

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Scott pays Franco a visit. Franco's distracted by Nina's disappearing act. Scott worries that Franco will be hurt by Nina.

Kiki tells Nathan that Nina was lurking around. Nathan agrees to check in with his sister. Morgan tells Dante that Michael has the means to take Avery.

Lulu tells Luke that the judge decided to send him to Pentonville, but Diane is filing an appeal. She promises not to give up on her father. When she gets home, Lulu is angry to see Valerie babysitting Rocco, but then apologizes.

Nina gets back to the hotel and Franco wonders where she went. Nina tells him she was at the hospital to see Silas. Nathan arrives to ask her about the missing baby.

Michael tells Sabrina that he went for a drive to clear his head. Sabrina warns him not to violate the court order. Dante arrives to speak to Michael.

Fluke makes an appearance to Luke.