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Perkie’s Observations: Spinelli Snoops For Carly on General Hospital

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Olivia worries about Ned handing over his shares to Franco. However, Ned decides that Edward would have done the same for Lila. Ned admits his feelings for Olivia, who's thrilled. The two kiss.

Nina's happy to see the shares from Franco, but asks again if Franco believes she took the baby. Franco believes her, but wonders why she's so upset if she didn't do it. Nina mentions Liesl's visit and how it rattled her because there might be more skeletons in her closet.

Ric comes bearing flowers and in invitation to dinner, which Liz accepts. While she's getting ready, Pete shows up. He demands more money from Ric for his silence.

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Spinelli tells Carly that his digging on Hayley has found a recent influx of money. Carly wonders who's writing the checks and wants Spinelli to let himself into Hayden's room to find proof.

Hayden wants Nik to come over for another roll in the hay. When he refuses, she heads over to Wyndemere, but the two are interrupted by Alexis. When Hayden gets back to her hotel room she finds Pete there. He wants money from her.

Jake drops Sam's car off at the Drake's. While there, he spots a photo of Robin and tells them that he recognizes her. Patrick doesn't understand how, since Robin left town before Jake arrived. Sam figures Jake must have seen a photo of Robin while he was staying with Liz.

Alexis asks Nikolas about the missing 32 percent of ELQ shares and wonders if Helena mentioned anything. Nik promises to talk to Helena. After Alexis leaves, Nik puts the ELQ papers in his safe and notices the ring missing.

Sam offers to drive Jake home. He tosses her the keys, which fall under the couch. When he tries to retrieve them he sees the ring.