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GH's Laura Wright on Rebecca Budig: "Hayden is a Great Enemy for Carly"

Laura Wright, Rebecca Budig

Laura Wright, Rebecca Budig

Hayden's (Rebecca Budig) arrival in Port Charles threw a wrench into Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jake's (Billy Miller) budding relationship on General Hospital. Hayden's explanation for not finding her "husband" sooner set off all kinds of alarms for Carly (Laura Wright).

Carly being Carly, hired Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to snoop into Hayden's back story, in hopes of exposing the woman as a fraud. Michael Fairman caught up with Wright to chat about her Daytime Emmy nomination and the two touched on the "budding" rivalry. It turns out Wright is all for it.

Rebecca Budig (Hayden) has come to General Hospital! What do you think of that? Looks like Carly has a new nemesis!

LAURA: LOVE HER! I hope she stays. Hayden is a great enemy for Carly, and a great actress to work with. Rebecca is such a professional, and so funny, and a joy to have around. It’s a great gig for her being a new mama! You just watch what’s to come between Hayden and Carly!

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