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Perkie's Observations: Jake Finds The Ring to Rule Them All on General Hospital

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Lulu complains to Maxie about Valerie. Maxie reveals that she chose Spinelli over Nathan.

Valerie wants to leave Port Charles and return to her life. However, Dante feels she needs to stay. The two bond over supper.

Ellie and Nathan run into to each other and complain about their lot in life thanks to Spin and Maxie.

Carly is shocked to see Ric and Liz are back together. She figures out that Ric is behind the Hayden mess. Spinelli arrives and tells her about the man he saw at Hayden's door, but the photo he took isn't clear.

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Spencer continues to complain about his lot in life and lets it slip about the ring. Nikolas forces him to explain about taking the ring from the safe to give to Emma.

Jake finds the ring under the couch. Patrick thinks it's his, but then reads the engraving. Sam doesn't understand how Jason's ring ended up under Patrick's couch. She thinks the connection was Robin. Patrick disagrees as Emma comes home and explains that the ring came from Spencer.

Liz wonders what Carly thought Ric was guilty of.

Lulu gets home to find Dante comforting a sad Valerie.

Sam decides to head to Windemere for answers as Nik shows up on their doorstep.