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SHOCKER: Daytime Emmy-Nominated Writers Not Invited to Nominee Reception


The daytime television community is livid over the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) snubbing nominated soap opera writers. NATAS reportedly neglected to invite soap writers to Tuesday night's party feting Daytime Emmy nominees.

Several soap writers, as well as actors and the press, have vented their frustration over the glaring omission on social media. I guess the Academy thinks those actors are up on those sets doing improvisational theatre five days a week?

Daytime television requires 260 episodes per year. All 260 of those episodes require a script, which came from a breakdown (outline), which came from a thrust, which came from a long story, all created by, you guessed it, writers. 

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If the Primetime Emmys neglected to invite the writing team from Shondaland to a nomination celebration, the person who made such an oversight would lose their position. After years of such embarrassing shenanigans, isn't it time to start holding NATAS equally accountable?