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Perkie’s Observations: Shawn and Jordan Profess Their Love on General Hospital

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Jordan and Shawn discuss the test Duke gave her to test her loyalty. However, Jordan still doesn't understand why Duke pulled back on the hit. The two discuss how they've finally found each other and Shawn declares his love.

Duke meets with his bodyguard, Bruce, to discuss the hit on Jordan. Duke orders it done today, but to make the hit look like it came from the Jeromes.

Julian wants to know from Carlos why Duke isn't dead yet. Carlos explains that he hasn't had an opportunity, because of Bruce. Julian tells Carlos to set up in Jake's room and hit Duke when he's on the terrace.

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Anna checks with Sloane to see if he knows who's supposed to be hit in Duke's organization. He promises to find out from his informant.

Sloan meets with Jake and tells him to get the information they need and to do it fast. Jake warns Sloane to back off.

Spinelli updates Sam on the case and the two look at the photo. Sam notices the man in the photo is wearing a ring and they are able to determine which school it's from. Spin hacks into the school records and finds the photo of Pete.

Anna visits with Patrick and is happy to hear that Sam has moved in. The two discuss Robin and the choices she made.

Carlos sets himself up with gun on Duke, while Bruce tails Jordan.