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Perkie’s Observations: Theresa Gets Proof Michael Was Drugged on General Hospital

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Carlos, the slowest hitman in the history of hitmen, takes his time preparing to shoot Duke. He gets a call from Sabrina, but swears he's staying out of trouble.

Sonny demands to know if Michael was responsible for Avery's kidnapping. Michael denies the accusation and admits that he's terrified for her and wants her safe.

Kiki worries about Avery and admits to Morgan that she told Julian what they did. Kiki wants them to steal Michael pills and change them back.

Jake tells Julian that he knows about the hit and wants to know who the target is. Julian questions whether Jake has moral issues. Jake assures him that he's more than willing to get his hands dirty if need be. Julian chooses not to tell him who the hit is for.

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Spinelli shows Carly Pete's photo as the man who met with Hayden. Carly recognizes the man from Hayden's wedding photo and heads to Hayden's room to show Spin. Carlos hides while the two see the photo. Carly decides Jake deserves to know the truth.

Jordan tells Anna that she's in love with Shawn and wants out. Anna points out that she can't be a couple since she and Shawn are on opposites sides of the law. Anna says Shawn will take the fall if they end the investigation now. She tells Jordan about the hit on one of Duke's men.

Shawn explains to Duke how he feels for Jordan, but swears he has Duke's back. TJ shows up, telling Shawn that there are issues with his tuition. Duke offers to pay.

Felix shows Sabrina the lab report that shows Michael was drugged. Sabrina heads over to ELQ to let Michael know. Sonny's upset that someone drugged Michael. Michael knows it was done on purpose and who was responsible as Kiki and Morgan arrive.