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Perkie's Observations: Michael and Sabrina Kiss on General Hospital

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Morgan and Kiki are stunned to see Avery hanging out in her playpen. They wonder how the kidnapper got her back into the apartment. Kiki wants to call the police while Morgan feels he needs to tell his father.

Liesl tells Franco that she has security footage that implicates Nina in the baby's kidnapping. Liesl warns Franco that Nina will get him sent back to prison if he's not careful because she's unbalanced. Liesl tells him to look for signs in Nina's things.

Nathan explains to Nina that she's a suspect and shows her the same footage. It is of Nina by the baby's room before the cameras are turned off and the baby taken. Nina swears she didn't take the baby and she was simply worried about her.

Carly is shocked when Sonny tells her what Morgan and Kiki did to Michael and decides to confront them.

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Michael calls Dante and tells him what happened and that he wants to press charges against Morgan and Kiki. He also thinks they're responsible for the kidnapping. Dante promises to look into it, but warns Michael to stay away.

Valerie has a weird conversation about Dante's many virtues, to Lulu. Talk turns to the Nurses’ Ball and the need for a six dancer in Lulu's routine. Valerie offers her dancing services. After initially turning her down, Lulu accepts the offer.

Carly gets to the apartment determined to tear a strip off of Morgan and is temporarily distracted by Avery's return. Carly believes Morgan and Kiki did the kidnapping as well as the drugging. Both deny it.

Carly accuses Morgan of wanting to hurt Michael. Morgan doesn't want them to tell Dante that Avery is back, fearing that they will lose her again. Dante arrives at the apartment.

Nina catches Franco going through her purse.

Michael thanks Sabrina for standing by him and believing him. The two kiss.