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Perkie’s Observations: Michael and Sonny Cut a Deal on General Hospital


Sonny tells Kiki to hide the baby when Dante knocks on the door. Dante demands to know if the baby is there and wants to look around. Sonny tells him that he doesn't have a warrant. Dante arrests both Morgan and Kiki for second degree assault and takes them to the station.

Sonny wants to take Avery to the island, but Carly wants him to help make sure that Morgan isn't sent to prison. Carly begs him not to sacrifice one child for another.

Sabrina stops the kiss, but Michael assures her that something is going on between them. They continue kissing until Ned interrupts. Michael explains to Ned about being drugged. Ned tells Michael about giving the shares to Franco to protect Olivia.

Nina's upset to find Franco looking through her purse for evidence and insists that she didn't take the baby. Franco tells her that he saw the video footage of Nina by Avery's room. Nina insists she's innocent. Nina decides she doesn't want to live with Franco anymore. Franco says he cares about her and begs her not to leave. Nina, kicks him out.

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Lulu assures Valerie that Nikolas would love a roommate and decides to talk to Nik in person. Lulu introduces Olivia before she heads out. Olivia and Valerie make small talk about her mother when Olivia has pains. Valerie is forced to take her to the hospital.

Nikolas is thrilled when Rosalie tells him that Ned surrendered his shares to Franco and Nina, thinking he'll be able to negotiate with them. Lulu interrupts and assumes the two are an item, which Nik doesn't dispute. Lulu asks Nikolas to put up Valerie for a short time and he agrees.

Olivia is taken to the hospital and Valerie calls Ned and Dante. Turns out it's only Braxton hicks, but Dante is grateful to Valerie. Lulu arrives to see them hug.

Carly apologizes to Michael for what Morgan did and not believing that Michael wasn't a drunk. Michael still believes Morgan kidnapped Avery. Sonny says his people found Avery and that he has her. However, he will only return her if Michael drops all charges against Morgan and Kiki.

Michael agrees, on the condition Sonny withdraws his complaint against Judge Walters and allows Michael to retain full custody. Morgan and Kiki are released. Carly brings in Avery and Michael declares that she won't be taken again.