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Perkie’s Observations: Carly Closes in on Ric on General Hospital

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Preparations are underway for the Nurses’ Ball. Brad and Lucas reminisce about last year's ball and how much happier they are this year.

Hayden catches up with Ric and demands another payment. She tells him Pete was looking for money as well. TJ overhears Ric say that he doesn't want anyone to see them together.

Carly finds Pete in New York and demands to know why he's pretended to be pre-surgery Jake. She also wants to know why Hayden is scamming Jake.

Lulu drops Valerie off at Wyndemere and questions whether Nikolas will be taking Rosalie as his date. Nik says he's going with Spencer, but offers for Valerie to join them. Once he's alone, Hayden lets herself in and the two make out. Valerie catches them and assumes this is Rosalie, which Hayden doesn't deny. Later, Hayden angrily wonders how many women Nik is involved with.

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Olivia and Ned discuss the baby as Dante arrives to check on his mother. Dante mentions Lulu being uncomfortable with his closeness to Valerie. Olivia questions whether Valerie has eyes for him. Dante denies it and assures his mother that he only has eyes for Lulu. He tells Olivia h’es happy that Ned is the baby's father.

Sam thanks Jake for finding Jason's ring and offers him tickets to the Nurses’ Ball. The two discuss his chance with Liz dashed because of Hayden.

Molly's thrilled that Ric and Liz are back together. She tells Liz that she was worried that Ric would revert back to his old ways. Ric tells Molly that he's planning on asking Liz to marry him. TJ tells Molly about the meeting between Ric and Hayden.

From Pete's answers, Carly figures out that Ric is behind the scheme.

Sam overhears Olivia tell Ned that she's happy no one knows Julian is really the baby's father.