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Perkie's Observations: Britt Returns to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Britt shows up at Brad's door, having snuck into town for the Nurses' Ball. The two catch up and Britt is upset to hear about Spencer's accident.

Nikolas warns Hayden that he'll make sure she disappears if she mentions to anyone that he knows Jake's identity. Spencer arrives and gets upset when Hayden asks about the mask. Nikolas reassures Spencer that he'll heal from his wounds.

Pete denies knowing Ric, but Carly offers money for his information. He admits that Ric was behind everything. Carly wants Pete to come back to Port Charles for the Nurses' Ball.

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Molly is shocked that Ric wants to propose so soon and tries to talk him out of it. Ric is certain this is the next step for him and Liz.

Liz runs into Jake and after some small talk, Liz tells him about Hayden's comments of their sex life. Jake admits that he and Hayden have not done anything and tells Liz that he misses her.

Liesl corners Sam about Jake, until Patrick comes to her defense. Sam tells Patrick what she overheard from Olivia and doesn't know if she should tell Julian the truth.

Liesl and Britt reunite when Liesl shows up at Brad's door.