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Days of Our Lives' Mary Beth Evans: "I Am Back On Contract"

Mary Beth Evans

Mary Beth Evans

Days of Our Lives favorite Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) is back on contract and we couldn't be happier for her. In a message to fans she reflected on The Bay winning a Daytime Emmy, her return to Days of Our Lives and her status  with the NBC soap.

I faced a similar situation when I first went back to Days of Our Lives in 2010. I was working in the family pub, and I would have days when all I would say was, “here is your to go order.” At first I felt a bit humiliated and asked myself, “how did it get to this?” Then I realized that I was lucky to have the job at all – all I had wanted was to get back to Days, and I was so thankful they brought me back in whatever capacity, even if they didn’t have a storyline for me at the time. So, I decided that I’d be the VERY best background player there ever was! I rocked that pretend bar – marrying condiments, folding napkins, wiping down the counters! I hung in there with a smile on my face and an improved attitude, and eventually things changed. Now, here we are four – five years later, and it has all changed again. I am back on contract, working like crazy and loving the stories I am playing. It is crazy how it turned around, and I am so, so happy to be back! (Click here for interview with SN & MB.)

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