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Perkie’s Observations: Spencer Becomes Phantom of the Nurses' Ball on General Hospital

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The Nurses' Ball continues with the Magic Milo and Haunted Starlets numbers. Lucas accepts Brad's proposal and they run off together.

Liz believes Nikolas is lying about Jake's true identity. She then realizes why she felt so connected to him. Liz demands to know why Nik didn't tell anyone and thinks Helena was forcing Nik. Nik admits he wants to take over ELQ and Jake's identity would have ruined that.

Nik declares that Sam is better off without Jason, because she's happy with Patrick and Emma. Liz feels Jason deserves the truth and that she'll be the one to tell him.

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Jake's angry with Carly for outing Ric in public and humiliating Liz, but Carly feels she needed the element of surprise against Ric. Jake thinks he now has a chance with Liz and admits that she makes him happy. Carly cautions that he may have a family out there. Jake decides he can't put his life on hold and plans to fight for Liz.

Spencer confronts Emma who reminds him again that it's not his burns that are distasteful to her but his personality. Spencer goes on full Phantom and causes a couple of sandbags to drop from the ceiling during Emma's performance. Lulu gives Spencer a talking to than takes him home where he's visited by the ghost of his mother Courtney.

Patrick and Emma sing a song while Sam looks on happily. Liz watches, concerned, from the wings. Liz marches on stage and declares that she has something to say.