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ABC Exec Tweets Proof Courtney Matthews Won General Hospital's Fan Poll

Alicia Leigh Willis

Alicia Leigh Willis, Nicolas Bechtel

Olivia Pope rigged an election on Scandal, yet still gets to wear her white hat. Fans of ABC Daytime's General Hospital, however, aren't as easily swayed as President Fitz. They needed to inspect the ballot box themselves to ensure Courtney Matthews did in fact win the soap's Nurses Ball Poll!

This week, Alicia Leigh Willis reprised her ghostly role, sharing scenes with TV son Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer). Her return was the result of a poll where fans got to vote on which GH alum would return for the Nurses Ball.

Willis winning led to an uproar on Twitter as some fans wondered how Courtney beat out Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols), Serena Baldwin (Carly Schroeder) and Mike Corbin (Ron Hale).

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Nathan Varni, the ABC exec in charge of GH, tweeted out hard evidence of the stripper-turned-mom (who bit it during the Monkey Virus arc) besting the other ex-Port Chucksters, yet it still didn't quiet the naysayers!



Talk about Much Ado About a Cameo. What did you think of Courtney's celestial visit to Wyndemere this week on GH? Sound off in the comments!