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Soap Couple Playoffs, Round 3: Days of Our Lives (VOTE)


Welcome to the final Days of Our Lives only round of Daytime Confidential’s Soap Couple Playoffs. Four couples—Hope and Bo, Paul and Sonny, Sonny and Will and Marlena and John—survived Round 2. Each couple needs your votes if they want a chance to advance into the All-Soap Elimination.

Theresa and Brady, Melanie and Brady, Nicole and Eric, Abby and Chad and Sonny and Will were all eliminated in Round 2.

The two couples from each soap who earn the most votes in Round 3 will earn spots in Round 4: The All-Soap Elimination.

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Of those eight couples, the four who earn the most votes will enter Round 5: All-Soap Final Four.

The two couples who get the most votes in the All-Soap Final Four will move on to the Daytime Confidential Soap Couple Championship during its final week

UPDATE: This post has been corrected. Paul and Will did not make it into Round 2. Will and Sonny did and were among the four couples that earned the most votes in Round 2. A new poll has been added to this post so that everyone has an opportunity to vote for one of the four correct couples.   

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