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Perkie’s Observations: Elizabeth and Jake Make Love on General Hospital

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Jake decides he should leave, but Liz has other plans. The two make love. After, Liz says she needs to explain things to Cameron, so Jake leaves. Liz talks to Jason's photo and tries hard to justify her actions.

Hayden tells Nikolas that she overheard his conversation with Liz and understands everything that is going on. She feels he stands to lose a lot and plans on pitching her tent in his bedroom, whether he likes it or not.

Shawn wonders who would have taken a shot at Jordan if it wasn't Julian. The two make love while Bruce hovers in the hallway. Bruce calls Shawn and has him leave under false pretenses, so that he can take a shot at Jordan.

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Julian is determined to find out what everyone is keeping from him and figures it has to do with the baby. Olivia cries out in pain while Julian browbeats Sam into admitting that he's Olivia's baby daddy.

Carlos stops Duke from leaving the parking lot and waxes poetic about his need to kill Duke in retaliation. Duke points out that it's not a good idea to hit the boss since it incites a mob war. However, Carlos hasn't shot anyone in a couple of weeks and is jonesing. The two fight over the gun, which goes off.

Sloan stops by Anna's room to tell her that Carlos was not Jordan's shooter. He thinks Duke may have been behind that hit and not the Jeromes. Anna refuses to believe it and admits that she and Duke have reconnected and were going away together.

Patrick announces that Olivia's water has broken.

Jake walks through the parking garage and finds a gun and a pool of blood.