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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Confronts Julian on General Hospital

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Sonny confronts Julian, who only wants to see his baby. Julian explains about Olivia and the baby. However, Sonny wants to discuss what happened to Duke. Julian claims he had no knowledge and that one of his men must have gone rogue. Sonny wants Julian to tell him who the shooter is than gives him 24 hours to tell him.

Olivia begs Ned and Dante to help her disappear with the baby. Ned doesn't understand the urgency until he's told that Julian had Duke killed and Sonny will retaliate. Dante worries about the baby's medical needs. However, Olivia feels there is no other choice.

Liz questions Jake about Duke's death. Jake neither confirms or denies he's the shooter. Jake warns her that Sonny will retaliate and doesn't want her in the path of destruction. Liz feels Sonny wouldn't come after her or the boys and refuses to break up with him.

Anna decides Carlos is the one that pulled the trigger. Sloane points out that Carlos could be hiding out anywhere, but Anna is certain he's staying with Sabrina.

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Lulu stops by Wyndermere to check in with Nikolas and is surprised to find Hayden making herself at home. Nik claims Hayden is an old flame who fell on hard times financially and that Ric is to blame for the whole mess.

Lulu stops by the hospital and warns Liz that Hayden is staying with Nikolas.

Carlos is grateful that Sabrina allowed him to stay the night. Sabrina gets a call from Felix about Duke's death and accuses Carlos. He admits he pulled the trigger.

Dante warns Sonny not to avenge Duke's death and to let the police handle it. Sonny says he'll make the shooter pay.

Anna and Sloane find Sabrina tied up and Carlos gone.