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Perkie's Observations: Nina is Ready to Say "I Do" on #GHLive

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Anna confronts Sabrina about whether Carlos told her where he was going. Anna claims she needs to bring Carlos to justice. Sabrina calls Carlos and finds out that he's on the docks, waiting for his ride out of town.

Julian tells Sonny that Jake was the shooter and that they're even now. After he leaves, Julian calls Sloan to let him know that Sonny will retaliate against Jake.

Sam accuses Jake of killing Duke. She demands he tell her the truth then slaps him for good measure. Sam's angry that she went to bat for Jake only to be wrong about him. Jake gets angry and admits he isn't the shooter. He tells her he's going to take the rap since he's capable of that kind of violence.

Liz is determined that Hayden won't ruin her happiness with Jake. Hayden accuses Liz of being selfish in keeping Jake away from his family. She threatens to tell Jake the truth. Nik calls her bluff so Hayden heads over to the garage. Liz worries what will happen with the fallout.

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Franco brings Nina the egg salad painting as an apology. Nina dresses in a wedding gown and says she's moved on and is getting married today.

Sloan and Jordan meet on the not so secret docks. Sloan decides to chew as much scenery as he can since it's a live show. Seriously, what or who was he channeling? Sloan admits to Jordan that Jake is his informant. He then gets the call that Carlos is on the docks.

Julian says his goodbyes to Carlos and is certain that Carlos will get out of this mess.'

Sonny orders Shawn to take out Jake.

Hayden arrives at the garage ready to tell Jake and Sam the truth.

Anna finds Carlos on the pier and plans to arrest him. He tells her that he likely won't pay for killing Duke. Anna shoots Carlos.