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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Has Hayden Shot on General Hospital

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Hayden tells Jake that she knows his true identity, but Jake isn't interested in listening. Jake feels anyone from his former life is better off with him dead and refuses to hear what she has to say.

Shawn gets to the garage and prepares to shoot Jake. However, Jordan arrives and pushes his gun away as it goes off and shoots Hayden in the head.

Sloane comes across Anna, who admits that she killed Carlos because she wanted justice. Sloane points out that Carlos was the only witness and that Julian ordered the hit. Now they have nothing to arrest Julian. Anna tells him to arrest her, but Sloane doesn't want to add to her loss. He promises to make this go away.

Liz begs Nikolas to stop Hayden from telling Jake the truth. However, Nik refuses to continue to be blackmailed. Liz is called to the hospital, but swears she'll never forgive Nik.

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Ric is at Nina's door, ready to get married. The two explain to Franco that they met the night of the Nurses' Ball and decided to tie the knot. Franco begs Nina not to marry Ric but to marry him. Ric and Nina get married.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows who killed Duke. Carly tells him to wait things out and not retaliate. She is shocked to hear that Jake was the shooter. Carly refuses to believe it. She says Carlos is Julian's go to man.

Carly begs Sonny to cancel the hit because Jake is her friend and he'd never provoke Sonny by shooting Duke. Sonny refuses than says it doesn't matter because the hit has likely already happened.

Jake and Shawn fight until Jordan pulls her gun on them. Shawn figures she's a plant for Julian, but when the police arrive he realizes that she is law enforcement. Shawn complains that he loved her, but everything was a lie, before he's taken into custody.

Hayden tells Sam that she's not the only one who knows Jake's identity before she passes out and is taken to the hospital. Patrick refuses to let Liz operate with him on Hayden. Liz wonders why Hayden was at the garage. Sam tells her that Hayden claims to know Jake's identity.

One of Nik's minions updates him that Shawn will take the fall for what happened to Hayden. No one will know Nik ordered the hit on her.