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Soap Couple Playoff, Round 4: All Soap Elimination (VOTE)

Soap Couple Round 4

Welcome to Round 4 of Daytime Confidential's Soap Couple Playoff. Eight couples have been eliminated and eight couples have earned their spot among the elite eight.

Ridge and Caroline and Hope and Liam stomped Brooke and Bill and Oliver and Ally to move onto Round 4 to represent The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of Our Lives' Sonny is one popular dude, landing a spot among the final eight in not one, but two pairings: Sonny and Will and Paul and Sonny. The Sonny centric pairings beat out Bo and Hope and John and Marlena.

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General Hospital's Jake and Sam and Alexis and Julian beat out Brad and Lucas and Jake and Elizabeth.

Cane and Lily continued to dominate among The Young and the Restless couples, but they took second against Adam and Chelsea. Michael and Lauren and Dylan and Sharon were eliminated.

Which of Round 4's eight couples will make it into the Final Four? Will it be Ridge and Caroline, Hope and Liam, Sonny and Will, Paul and Sonny, Jake and Sam, Alexis and Julian, Adam and Chelsea or Cane and Lily? 

Only your votes can decide.